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Streamlined standardisation

An efficient, digitised and secure platform to oversee your standardisation; with document creation, version control, monitoring and approval, and more.

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Kana Hub UI Kana Hub UI

Why Kana?

Get your projects investment-ready with kana

Get the full picture

Get advanced oversight into all projects under your standard, with full visibility of any tasks related to those projects

Manage workflows

Manage all work surrounding project activities, such as validation, verification and loss events, efficiently.

Collaborate seamlessly

Easily collaborate with all parties involved in a project's lifecycle on Kana; from developers, to verifiers.

Data security

Our data security protocols make Kana an essential, secure part of your code management system.

Efficient rollout of changes with NatureScript™️

NatureScript™️ makes it quick and easy to roll out changes to methodologies and prescribed processes. This flexible template generator means that new or existing guidance can be adapted and rolled out to project developers and verifiers instantly.


Deep insights into the market

Get extensive insights into the market at the click of a button in Kana Hub. From the number of projects, to their statuses, to the activities which have been completed over time, there are a number of accessible data-sets to help inform your code's bigger picture.