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The smarter way to certify

Take your certification processes to the next level; with fully-digital workflows, complete audit trails and on-platform collaboration.

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Why Kana?

Get your projects investment-ready with kana

Get the full picture

Get advanced oversight into all projects you certify, with full visibility of both upcoming and past projects.

Manage workflows

Manage all of your certification workflows in a digitised, standardised, secure and efficient way.

Collaborate seamlessly

Easily collaborate with all parties involved in a project's lifecycle on Kana; from developers, to codes.

Secure your data

Our data security protocols make Kana an essential, secure part of an accredited management system.

Say goodbye to emails and spreadsheets

With Kana Hub, there's no need for complex spreadsheets and endless email chains. You can seamlessly manage all certifications on-platform, including project verification and validation. Collaborate effortlessly with developers and standards bodies, ensuring every step is executed with precision.

Advanced portfolio management

Transparent, easy-to-use and auditable

Our systems are built to reduce friction, making every certification as simple and efficient as possible. Data is surfaced clearly, and full audit trails of activities provide a greater level of insight.

Showcase quality and integrity